Special mounting system Flat Roof

Opstelling plat dak systeem

Special mounting system Flat Roof

Special mounting system Flat Roof; Dutch Green Energy has In addition to the traditional flat-roof mounting system a unique solution for the mountingĀ of panels on a flat roof.

The major problem with a flat-roof assembly is the shadow caused by the panels. As a result, each row has to be put at a distance from the previous row. DGE has a system in which the panels are positioned at a slight angle of inclination of 5 degrees and linked together in arrays of maximum 5 panels.

This has several major advantages

  • The shadow effect is substantially reduced. There can be installed up to 3x as many panels on a flat roof
  • The visibility from the street is greatly reduced
  • The windage of the installation is considerably less
  • The dependence on a perfect south formation is much less
  • There must be placed relatively little ballast.
  • The panels waters remains sufficiently to ensure proper cleaning.

DGE Flat roof upd installation manual

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