Solis 6-30K

Solis 3 ph

Solis 6-30K

The Solis 6-30K inverter series is the three-phase inverter of choice. This inverter has a very high input tolerance, so that each type is applicable in a wide range.

Specific characteristics are as follows:

  • 3-phase output
  • More than 98.3% peak efficiency
  • 200 – 800V input voltage range per string
  • Dual MPP tracker available for shared courses
  • Highly precise MPPT algorithm
  • Compact and lightweight design that can be easily installed by one person
  • IP65 Class. Suitable for outdoor installation
  • Sleek and beautiful design
  • RS 486, Wifi interface available (GPRS optional)
  • Great Star protection functions
  • WiFi monitoring app available for both iPhone and Android
  • 5-year warranty, during this period, extendable to 10 years.

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