Solis 2500 – 5000 W

Solis Single Fase

Solis 2500 – 5000 W

This series inverters Solis are all equipped with two MPP trackers, separating the roof in two (possibly unequal) segments.

Features of these inverters are:.

  • More than 97.5% Maximum efficiency
  • Ultra high input-voltage range
  • Dual MPPT design with a very precise algorithm
  • Compact and lightweight design, so one person can install it easily
  • IP65 protection class
  • Beautiful and sleek design that can be seen
  • RS 485 interface and wireless (GPRS optional)
  • A large number of protective functions
  • Wifi and monitoring app iPhone and Andriod available
  • 5-year warranty, during this period, extendable to 10 years.

Solis 2 – 5 K DT