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Aluminium “alle-terrein” montage systeem

“Alle terrein” montagesysteem

Het aluminium alle terrein montage systeem is erop ontworpen dat dit systeem op vrijwel elke denkbare ondergrond verankerd kan worden.

De verankering kan door

  • Grondschroeven
  • Betonfundering
  • Kleibouten in een betonnen, of rotsachtige ondergrond

Verdere voordelen zijn:

  • Eenvoudige montage
  • Duurzaam product
  • Concurrerende prijsstelling
  • Zeer flexibel toepasbaar

Alu-terrain system installation manual -

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Opstelling plat dak systeem

Special mounting system Flat Roof

Special mounting system Flat Roof

Special mounting system Flat Roof; Dutch Green Energy has In addition to the traditional flat-roof mounting system a unique solution for the mounting of panels on a flat roof.

The major problem with a flat-roof assembly is the shadow caused by the panels. As a result, each row has to be put at a distance from the previous row. DGE has a system in which the panels are positioned at a slight angle of inclination of 5 degrees and linked together in arrays of maximum 5 panels.

This has several major advantages

  • The shadow effect is substantially reduced. There can be installed up to 3x as many panels on a flat roof
  • The visibility from the street is greatly reduced
  • The windage of the installation is considerably less
  • The dependence on a perfect south formation is much less
  • There must be placed relatively little ballast.
  • The panels waters remains sufficiently to ensure proper cleaning.

DGE Flat roof upd installation manual

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Wind-generator of DGE

Wind-generator of DGE

Dutch Green Energy b.v.  launches its own windgenerator

The wind-generator of DGE has as principal features for this revolutionary wind-generator:

  • Compact in dimensions
  • unique design
  • Extremely high efficiency
  • Affordable price
  • Durable, robust materials
  • Complementary to solar energy

Own power generation is in many circumstances a very good alternative to the relatively expensive and sometime unreliable “gray” power of the grid.

Only nature is not predictable. For this reason we are offering a hybrid system. In many areas of the world summer has abundant sunshine, and little wind, but in winter the opposite occurs. A hybrid power-station will guarantee you optimal power security. Thus limiting the size of the battery-banks if you are operating in an off-grid situation.

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Fasten Solar Mounting solutions

Fasten Solar Mounting solutions

About Fasten Solar

Xiamen Fastensolar Techo. Co., Ltd is a dedicated ‘Green Earth’ organization.
Being a leading supplier of solar mounting systems in the country, Fastensolar supplies full range of solar mounting solutions, covering residential, commercial and industrial mounting products. Our focus is to provide our customers the best quality and affordable solar pv mounting systems in a very competitive market.

Founded in China in 2008, and fully Chinese owned, Fastensolar enjoys a well-earned reputation for the expertise, service and commitment displayed by the professional team. Fastensolar is driven to achieve excellence in the renewable energy market and has already been selling the products in the worldwide.

At Fastensolar, we feel a deep responsibility for raising awareness of climatechange issues and helping others understand the role that solar energy can play in reducing carbon emissions. We are also passionate about working with people, nature and technology to provide for a more sustainable future. As such we are proud to be associated with companies, who are at the forefront of developing efficient, affordable, reliable and clean solar energy solutions for the benefit of all.

We hope you will join in Fastensolar’s and Dutch Green Energy’s commitment to sustainable energysolutions and a greener global future.

2014 Brochure DGE

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Solarman WiFi kit

Solarman WiFi kit

For larger systems, or for situations whare there is no Wifi signal at the inverter, theSolarman WiFi-kit is a good solution.

A solarman WiFI kit can be connected to a maximum of 64 inverters.
Solarman is competible with alomst every Chinese brand inverter.

Solarman spec


Hosola inv

Hosola 1-3kW Smart

 Hosola 1-3kW Smart

The  Hosola 1-3kW Smart series is one of the best possible choices for inverters. Why pay more for an inverter with only 5 year warranty?

● Passed the IEC 62109-1 & IEC 62109-2 Ed. 1.0 requirements.
● Passed the EMC Class B test.
● Built-in WiFi with global monitoring (optional).
● Local after-sale service.

● Internet based remote management system.
● Real time monitoring and historical data recording.
● Rich communicative display.
● Customized alert service.
● Periodical report on system operation condition.

1-3kw hosola smart


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Hosola 2-5 kW Bright

Hosola 2-5 kW Bright

The Hosola 2-5 kW Bright has many good features. Besides good design and performance also every production-step has been checked. This results in a 10-year warranty for the Hosola inverters.

● Photon test A+, maximum efficiency is 98.02%.
● Built in WiFi module enables remote monitoring.
● Excellent reliability, 10 years service lifespan in lab test.
● Global service center, fast response.

● Internet based remote management system.
● Real time monitoring and historical data recording.
● Rich communicative display.
● Customized alert service.
● Periodical report on system operation condition.
● 10-year warranty period

2-5kw hosola bright

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off grid JFY

JFY inverters off grid

JFY inverters off grid

Founded in 2003, Shenzhen JingFuYuan Tech. Co., Ltd. (Abbr. JFY) locates in Shenzhen with 16,000m2 of standard production plants and advanced R&D laboratories, is a National High-tech Enterprise and certied by ISO9001:2008 international quality system. More than 10 years professional design and production experiences of power products, JFY provides customers mid-high level power products and all-in-one power system solutions. Our products cover full ranges of solar on grid inverters, off-grid power systems, UPS and telecom power supply, etc. All passed multiple international authorized certication testings e.g. TÜV, CE, Enel-GUIDA, AS4777, CEC, CSA, BDEW etc, JFY products have been exported to over 80 nations and areas. JFY is the biggest manufacturer of off-grid solar inverter in China. And the stable capacity, excellent performance of JFY products and the attentive service have been widely recognized by global users.

JFY inverters off grid are of the cutting edge of technology. Especially the hybrid inverters have the best of both worlds.

JFY off-grid solutions catalog(en)-2014-v1.3

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Aplus metalheet

Aplus AP-PVroof

Aplus AP-PVroof

Aplus AP-PVroof features:

  • Crystalline Silicon photo-voltaic module with steel. Using ETFE, EVA resin, Coating Steel module for outdoor use.
  • High Power module using 6″ multi crystalline solar cells.
  • Bypass diode is attached minimize power reduction cause by shade.
  • 48″‘144 Pcs solar cells and connection in series.
  • Avoids the expense of rocks. No roof penetrations. Aesthetically superior.
  • Laminates are lightweight and easy install.
  • Synchronized PV and roof


  • warranty,10 years limited warranty of 90% and 20 years limited warranty of 80% power output.


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