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Flamco Falx – Revolutionary innovative

A mounting system for every type of PV panel that consists of no more than three parts is revolutionary in itself. But Flamco Falx is innovative in other ways, too. For example, the system remains firmly in place, even in strong winds, thanks to the smart aerodynamic design. This reduces the amount of ballast required to a minimum. And the gravel on the roof can be used for this, thanks to special recesses in the lateral spaces of the mounting blocks. If required, paving slabs can also be laid in this area.

Ingenious system

Solar energy is one of the most important forms of renewable energy. Its use is growing rapidly. However, installing PV panels is often difficult, timeconsuming and puts a burden on roofs. Now there is a solution: Flamco Falx.

This ingenious, lightweight mounting system for flat roofs consists of just three parts: a mounting block, a rail for conveniently connecting rows of blocks, and a clip for securing the PV panels firmly in place. This system can be installed at the flick of a wrist, without a single tool, although a screwdriver to lock the rail into it’s position can be convenient. Quick, simple and safe.

Large number of advantages

Large number of advantages The Flamco Falx system offers simple mounting, a low roof-load as well as a large number of other advantages. These include:

• The mounting system is suitable for all brands and sizes of PV panels.
• Flamco Falx saves you up to fifty per cent on installation costs.
• Thanks to the light weight and minimal ballast, it can be used on virtually all flat roofs.
• The aerodynamics are tested by an independent party in a wind tunnel in compliance with Dutch standard NEN 7250.
• Intelligent ventilation on all sides and active convection ensure better temperature management. This makes the PV panels more efficient and gives them a longer service life.
• Rainwater is drained away on all sides. This has a minimum effect on the roof’s function.
• The mounting blocks are made from a weather-resistant plastic.
• Easy to keep in stock as it can be stacked on a standard europallet.

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