Winsolar PV panels

Winsolar PV panels are a 100% European product. Winsolar has several production sites in Europe, where solar panels are produced to meet high quality standards.Winsolar focuses its range of panels,
Especially at the upper segment with solar power for 60 cell poly panels to 275 Wp and 60 mono cells full black panel even with a power up to 280 Wp available.
Besides, there are 72 cells Winsolar modules available with outputs of 300 Wp for polycrystalline panel and up to 320 Wp mono vor Full Black Panel.
All components are subjected to strict inspections, which are in the field of quality no compromise is possible. A black panel is really black.
Only a positive output warranty and a whopping 13 year warranty on panel and construction.Dutch Green Energy is the exclusive importer of this top.

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Certificates for Winsolar PV panels