Solis inverters

Solis is the inverter brand for grid-connected inverters Chinese Ginlong.

Feel Quality, Experience Reliability

Ningbo Ginlong Technologies has started with one person who wanted to make a difference is now her head office in the Chinese city of Zhejiang. Ginlong also has two offices in Europe and Australia respectively.

With an experience of over 20 years in the making of machinery and electrical products and years of intensive product development in the field of renewable energy Ginlong has developed into a highly specialized company in the field of high quality products for renewable energy, both wind as solar applications.

Inverters are technologically the most important component of solar energy systems. They convert the direct current into alternating current suitable for the grid. Ginlong has a very strong R & D department where a number of highly trained technicians working to develop technologically superior and highly reliable products. For this reason some Ginlong inventions are patented in order to protect its own proprietary technology. This has resulted in the Ginlong products meet all requirements of the miscellaneous markets and are fully certified.

Moreover Ginlong has some very sophisticated production technologies such as surface mount technology (SMT) and wave soldering (WS). This combined with a modern production management and an extremely strict quality control ensure the high quality and reliability of Ginlong inverters.

Meanwhile Ginlong focuses on the selection of a number of local contacts to support their technological support and service organization.

All this has resulted in it together Ginlong one of the world’s leading manufacturers of solar and wind inverters has become.

Dutch Green Energy is proud to be selected as one of the distributors of Ginlong. Ginlong lends credit to the customer-oriented and quality-conscious approach to Dutch Green Energy.