Fasten Solar

About Fasten Solar

Xiamen Fastensolar Techo. Co., Ltd is a dedicated ‘Green Earth’ organization.
Being a leading supplier of solar mounting systems in the country, Fastensolar supplies full range of solar mounting solutions, covering residential, commercial and industrial mounting products. Our focus is to provide our customers the best quality and affordable solar pv mounting systems in a very competitive market.
Founded in China in 2008, and fully Chinese owned, Fastensolar enjoys a well-earned reputation for the expertise, service and commitment displayed by the professional team. Fastensolar is driven to achieve excellence in the renewable energy market and has already been selling the products in the worldwide.
At Fastensolar, we feel a deep responsibility for raising awareness of climatechange issues and helping others understand the role that solar energy can play in reducing carbon emissions. We are also passionate about working with people, nature and technology to provide for a more sustainable future. As such we are proud to be associated with companies, who are at the forefront of developing efficient, affordable, reliable and clean solar energy solutions for the benefit of all.
We hope you will join in Fastensolar’s commitment to sustainable energysolutions and a greener global future.


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