Solis inverters

Solis is the inverter brand for grid-connected inverters Chinese Ginlong.

Feel Quality, Experience Reliability

Ningbo Ginlong Technologies has started with one person who wanted to make a difference is now her head office in the Chinese city of Zhejiang. Ginlong also has two offices in Europe and Australia respectively.

With an experience of over 20 years in the making of machinery and electrical products and years of intensive product development in the field of renewable energy Ginlong has developed into a highly specialized company in the field of high quality products for renewable energy, both wind as solar applications.

Inverters are technologically the most important component of solar energy systems. They convert the direct current into alternating current suitable for the grid. Ginlong has a very strong R & D department where a number of highly trained technicians working to develop technologically superior and highly reliable products. For this reason some Ginlong inventions are patented in order to protect its own proprietary technology. This has resulted in the Ginlong products meet all requirements of the miscellaneous markets and are fully certified.

Moreover Ginlong has some very sophisticated production technologies such as surface mount technology (SMT) and wave soldering (WS). This combined with a modern production management and an extremely strict quality control ensure the high quality and reliability of Ginlong inverters.

Meanwhile Ginlong focuses on the selection of a number of local contacts to support their technological support and service organization.

All this has resulted in it together Ginlong one of the world’s leading manufacturers of solar and wind inverters has become.

Dutch Green Energy is proud to be selected as one of the distributors of Ginlong. Ginlong lends credit to the customer-oriented and quality-conscious approach to Dutch Green Energy.


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Fasten Solar

About Fasten Solar

Xiamen Fastensolar Techo. Co., Ltd is a dedicated ‘Green Earth’ organization.
Being a leading supplier of solar mounting systems in the country, Fastensolar supplies full range of solar mounting solutions, covering residential, commercial and industrial mounting products. Our focus is to provide our customers the best quality and affordable solar pv mounting systems in a very competitive market.
Founded in China in 2008, and fully Chinese owned, Fastensolar enjoys a well-earned reputation for the expertise, service and commitment displayed by the professional team. Fastensolar is driven to achieve excellence in the renewable energy market and has already been selling the products in the worldwide.
At Fastensolar, we feel a deep responsibility for raising awareness of climatechange issues and helping others understand the role that solar energy can play in reducing carbon emissions. We are also passionate about working with people, nature and technology to provide for a more sustainable future. As such we are proud to be associated with companies, who are at the forefront of developing efficient, affordable, reliable and clean solar energy solutions for the benefit of all.
We hope you will join in Fastensolar’s commitment to sustainable energysolutions and a greener global future.


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A+ Energy

About Aplus Energy

  • Aplus energy is trying to look at things from new perspective of solar module
  • Professional BIPV and special solar module manufacturer.
  • Lightweight solar module and good engineering , could save your installation cost significantly.
  • User-friendly, the lightweight solar module could be easily installed.
  • Solar module is no longer with heavy glass substrate,it can combine with lightweight metal , polycarbonate..etc.
  • APLUS ENERGY is as always creating technical innovations for solar energy applications.
  • Photovoltaic installed in your house and buildings more eco-friendly.


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Gong Chuang

Go-Trust Group Co., Ltd.

Go-Trust Group Co., Ltd. is an non-regional enterprise group Integrated with real estate, new energy, mining, road passenger transport and logistics industry, bio-medical equipment and other industries, registered capital of 183 million yuan, have 13 holdings and wholly owned subsidiary , more than 7,000 employees.

Four industry sectors: New energy industry, Real estate, Mining industry, Transportation industry.

Hunan Gongchuang Photovoltaic Science & Technology Co.,Ltd , for short Gongchuang PV, is a pioneer enterprise of silicon-based thin film solar module, which engages in the technology development, photovoltaic products manufacturing, the application of on grid and off grid solar power plant and building integrated photovoltaic. It is approved as”Hunan Thin-Film silicon-based solar Cell Engineering Research Center”in 2011, Gongchuang PV is Hunan demonstration of two-oriented society, the national strategic emerging industry enterprises and China BIPV demonstration.

Gongchuang PV founded in 2009, is located in the National High-tech Development Zone , Hengyang comprehensive Free Trade Zone., the registered capital of 200 million yuan. The initial capacity is 50MW, Expected capacity in 2015 will reach 500MW. There are 238 employees, 5 doctors, 9 masters, more than 85% have university degree or above. In 2012, NingXia branch company founded in Wuzhong, NingXia Province.

We import the most advanced producing line and technology of silicon-based thin film module in the world, with independent intellectual property national invention patents of 6, more than 20 other patents. We can produce the thin film module with conversion efficiency  of 10% to 12% which have reached the highest international industry standards.

 Hunan Gongchuang PV system Engineering Co,Ltd

Hunan Gongchuang PV system Engineering Co,Ltd belongs to Gongchuang PV, is founded in August 2013, is mainly engaged in PV system and related solar thermal, wind, geothermal and other integrated energy systems research and development, design, construction, supervision, inspection and related engineering and subcontracting,  construction-related equipment and accessories production, purchasing, sales, installation, import and export business.

Since half a year since established,  in domestic, such as Hunan, Ningxia, Liaoning, Jiangsu, Hebei, Zhejiang and other places has carried out solar photovoltaic project development and construction, at the same time, actively expand overseas business in Nigeria, South Africa, India and other places, also began to develop preliminary. Currently built and under construction project of total installed capacity is more than 10 MW. In 2014, we plan to build a 50 MW PV plant project, the total investment of about 4.5 billion yuan.

With world-class technology and equipment, advanced management mode and high-quality professional talent team, and excellent product quality and service guarantee, we have establish a good brand reputation, made a stable market share.

Gongchuang PV passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification. Our Leading products silicon thin film solar cells get the certificate of TUV, CE , UL and “National Golden-sun”. Our company have been listed in government designated procurement of Hunan Province and Hengyang city .

2 centers

  • Hunan Thin-Film Silicon-Based Solar Cell Engineering Research Center
  • Provincial Enterprise Technology Center
  • Demonstration:
  • China photovoltaic building integrated model enterprise
  • Hunan two-oriented society model enterprise

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Mission statement

  • To develop and enhance solar technology and provide the most reliable and affordable solar energy in global markets.
  • To gain complete control over a vertical-value-chain, from manufacturing materials and modules to providing solar technical services for solar systems and power plants.
  • To be a worldwide leader for PV technology.
  • To be a public company taking more social responsibilities.

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About Huanghe

Xi’an Huanghe Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd. which is a high-tech. enterprise financed by Shaanxi Electronic Information Group,Shannxi Huanghe Group and Xi’an Investment Holding Co., established in 2009.The Registered Capital is RMB 0.44 billion. Upholding military quality and brilliant technical team, we are working hard on solar cells development,production and sells including monocrystalline silicon,polycrystalline solar cells,solar modules and grid on and off solar system projects. There are more than 2000 employees, including more than 200 experienced technical management fellows in solar industry. The Workshop covers an area of 28858 square meters.As a key enterprise of Shannxi province new energy industrialization, the company get great support from provincial Party Committee,provincial government,provincial SASAC,The Industry and Information Technology Department of Shannxi Province and Shaanxi Electronic Information Group. The company has been awarded most influential enterprises of new energy industry in china member of CPIA and bankable for Unicredit Group. Carrying out the work idea of techniques supreme, quality first, we use world’s leading production and Inspection facilities which is purchased Rena Baccini Centraotherm and other from international companies, all of which help us to build a series of production lines of solar cells and modules. Cooperating with Xi’an Jiaotong University and solar engineer research center of Shannxi Province, we make great breakthrough in increasing Weak light conversion efficiency,reducing countercurrent of cells,optimal design and ultra width ratio technology of bus bar. The application of these techniques improves the ability of project management and production organization. Getting certificates of ISO9001 IEC TUV UL CQC COC ISO14000 and OHSAS18000, the efficiency of monocrystalline cells and polycrystalline can reach 18.4% and 17%, which reaches or above the average level of this industry. The company is available to manufacture various solar cells and modules. The company set up sales company (Shanghai HH Photovoltaic Technology Co.,Ltd) and French Office, which helps us to establish business relationship with company from Germany Span France Italy, such as several power plants in Leipzig Ulm Ningxia province and Yulin City of Shannxi Province. According to these projects, we receive universal praise in industry. The company always insists the company concept of High Origin High Quality High Efficiency New system .In order to build international brand of Huanghe, we take the market and quality first, considering the cost control. At the same time, the company is working hard to become a leading solar enterprise in the world with strategy of quality and brand.

Huanghe solar have passed all varieties of international certificates, and we will continue to rely on effective technologies to improve product quality. Quality is one of our key values. The constant pursuit of quality will spur on our company to spare no effort to improve our products. Our products have passed the tests of some internationally famous certification authorities and have granted TUV, UL, CQC, PV CYCLE certificates.

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About Hosola

  • Hosola Suzhou New Energy Co., Ltd. is a fast growing company in the PV industry with great potential.
  • Focusing on the area of R & D, production and sale of small and medium sized PV grid-connected inverters. (1K-20K)
  • Most of Hosola’s R & D engineers have gained rich experience of other leading drive manufacturers.
  • All have 6 to 10 years of experience in the PV industry.
  • 2 Software engineers of Power-One and Samil.
  • 4 Hardware and layout engineers are Samil ..
  • 6 Testing and QC Engineers Delta and Emerson.
  • The inverters Hosola is a standard 10 year warranty.

10 Hosola Warranty Terms and Conditions

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Winsolar PV panels

Winsolar PV panels are a 100% European product. Winsolar has several production sites in Europe, where solar panels are produced to meet high quality standards.Winsolar focuses its range of panels,
Especially at the upper segment with solar power for 60 cell poly panels to 275 Wp and 60 mono cells full black panel even with a power up to 280 Wp available.
Besides, there are 72 cells Winsolar modules available with outputs of 300 Wp for polycrystalline panel and up to 320 Wp mono vor Full Black Panel.
All components are subjected to strict inspections, which are in the field of quality no compromise is possible. A black panel is really black.
Only a positive output warranty and a whopping 13 year warranty on panel and construction.Dutch Green Energy is the exclusive importer of this top.

Click on the logo for the Winsolar brochure

Certificates for Winsolar PV panels